Abubakar Yau from Augie Local Government Area of Kebbi has emerged winner of the 2020 Argungu International fishing festival.

He got over N7million, two new cars and two Hajj seats for catching the biggest fish weighing 78 kilograms.

Yau’s catch was rated most outstanding among the fishes caught at the Matan Fadah river.

Over 50,000 fishermen participated in the annual cultural festival held in Argungu local government area of kebbi state.

Malam Bala Yahaya-Bagaye emerged second with 75 kilogramme fish while Malam Maiwake Sani Silami from sokoto State came third for catching a fish with 70 kilogrammes.

Chairman, Northern Governors Forum, Gov. Simon Lalong, donated N3 million to the first position, N2 million to the second position and N1 million to the third position.

Dr Hassan Bello, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Shippers Council, presented N1 million to the first position, N750,000 to the second position and N500,000 to the third.

Gov. Aminu Tambuwal donated N3 million, N2 million and N1 million to the first, second and third positions respectively and a Hajj seat for the third position.

West African Cotton Company Limited (WACOT) donated a new car, N1 million and Hajj seat to first position while Dr Zainab Bagudu, wife of Kebbi State Governor, also donated a brand new car to the first position.

Maltina Nigeria Limited donated KEKE NAPEP and motorcycles for the second and third prize winners respectively.

The Senate President, Dr Ahmed Lawal, who was also the special guest of honor, said the festival was a demonstration of Nigeria’s rich culture.

“This is an international event that drew people from neighbouring countries,” he added .

He announced a donation of N5 million to be shared among all participants to give all a sense of belonging.

Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State, the host State described the event as “historic and worthy of celebration” by people of the state and beyond.”

“he said it is a celebration of historic people, we must celebrate what unites us more than what divides us.”

Source: The Nation


Residents of Owode Quarters in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, were bemused on Wednesday when an apprentice, Peter David, was caught making love to a pregnant goat at an uncompleted building in the neighbourhood.

David, who avowed to be an indigene of Benue State, was caught in the act following the bleating of the goat which drew the attention of some residents and officials of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company on duty at the quarters that morning.

The residents said the goat was helpless for about two hours after the incident as it foamed in the mouth and bleed in the private parts.

Police later arrived at the scene and took away the man and the goat.

A resident, Mrs Oluwasola Ayodele, said the BEDC officials drew her attention to the incident while she, in turn, called others to witness the act she described as an abomination.

Ayodele said she called for assistance when the man wanted to escape through River Ofin to Ifeoluwa Community, but one Pastor Gbenga Ajulo caught him.

Ajulo, who is the minister in charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Throne of Mercy, Owode, said he was praying in the church when he heard the goat’s continuous bleating.

“About seven minutes later, I heard somebody calling my name and shouting for help. I came out and saw the man trying to escape and I caught him.

“When we sat him down, we asked him what happened and he confessed that he was having sex with the goat. For about two hours, the goat was foaming in the mouth and bleeding in the private parts.

“This is a bad omen. It is evil. I suspect the act is for ritual. There is the need for cleansing. Beyond, all these strange diseases in society are from acts like this. He would have contracted diseases from having carnal knowledge of the goat,” the cleric said.

The chairman of the neighbouring Ifeoluwa Community, Mr Abel Bankole, who described the occurrence as ‘strange,’ said there should be medical examination of the young man.

“He would have contracted diseases from such act. Something has to be done so that he does not infect others through sexual intercourse,” he added.

The police spokesman for Ekiti State Command, Sunday Abutu, who confirmed the incident, said, “Men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad Department arrested a man that was sleeping with goat in the neighbourhood.

“He was interrogated and he confessed that he engaged in the act. He further said he had been doing such before he came from Ondo State. We are still interrogating him for more information as to why he is doing such. He will possibly be charged.”



The National coalition of the Niger Delta Ex-Agitator’s (NCNDEA)has given a twenty four hour ultimatum to president Muhammad Bihari to appoint a new coordinator for the presidential amnesty programme in the Niger Delta region.

The National president of NCNDEA, Eshanekpe Isreal declared these at a media briefing held in Abuja on Tuesday.

Following the suspension of the coordinator,professor Charles Doukubo,NCNDEA demands that a substantive coordinator is appointed immediately within the region or office or else consequences awaits the peace of the country.

National coordinator Niger Delta Youth Council(NDYC)Engineer Jator Abido also allege the National security adviser(NSA) Babagana Monguno of his mismanagement of the presidential amnesty programme established to address core challenges of the people in the

He said funds were being stolen by successive managers and monies meant for lofty goals of the program ends up in private pocket in an agency directly under the purview of NSA.

He futher highlighted their demands and expectations from the federal government.

Placards with write up telling Mr president to call his NSA to other,’we say no to Monguno were among many more placards raised.


A renowned fish farmer has revealed that the recent coronavirus rampage, especially in Asian continent has turned a boost to the Nigeria fishing sector.

The MD/CEO of Chice Fishries Remi Ahmed disclosed this to The Nation in an exclusive interview, noted that since the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus, Nigerian fish farmers have made a U-turn in the purchase of imported fish feed, especially from China.

Ahmed said, “In the area of Tilapia fish, this coronavirus is a blessing in disguise for us, because at least, nobody with long stick wants to touch anything from China anymore, especially food related items.

“Even with our local packaging, with the type of sack, not the paper bag that is expensive, people are still patronizing us now.

So it is like, that is the only thing I think is now making people to rush our products, unlike in those days where they have to finish that of China that is not as tasty as ours, which is filled with all sorts of rubbish, at least our claims.

“This coronavirus has bailed us out. A lot of people have seen clearer pictures of the dirty way the Chinese are leaving, they feed their fish with all sorts of rubbish, including their feces and Nigerians will just see it in the market buy as they felt that it is cheaper than the local products.”

He urged the government to make money available in form of subsidy to the feed miller, adding that that the feed millers can sell at a reasonable price to make famers remain in business.

He said, “If you are a catfish farmer, you must have spent over N600 for a kilogram of catfish feed, and the market woman wants you to sell a kilogram of fish at either N550 or at the same N600.

If you have small mortality you can just finish at that N600, but if you have big mortality then, you are finishing at N650 and somebody wants to buy at N600, business cannot grow in this way.

“That is why we said that the government should call the famers and feed millers together to produce a blueprint on the way to grow this sector and not by sharing N50,000 to fish farmers, but if they decide to be sharing money I am not part of them that will engage in such.

I am not a relation to these senators or any of these house of reps member, but if we call the feed millers to a meeting and you give them incentives, it will crash the cost of fish meal so much, that even when we import, we would charge at a subsidized rate.

“If that is done, you know everybody will buy feed, the moment you are a farmer, you will buy feed unlike when you say you want to share N50,000 to all the farmers, people like me don’t need N50,000.

It is just like what most of these politicians are doing, including the speaker; he went ahead and bought some equipment for fish farming, even feed, fingerlings, for some people. It is alien, they were not trained, and they don’t know anything about it.

This is because the beneficiaries were never into fish farming, so, they come to the real famers to sell these equipment at a giveaway price, but if those of us that are in the business were considered and with subsidy on all the inputs for the feed millers, definitely this will boost the sector.

“In Egypt, a kilogram of feed is less than half a dollar, but a kilogram of feed in Nigeria is higher than a dollar, adding that this is why fish is more expensive in Nigeria.”

WifeNotCook: What Is Wrong With Feminists?

By Habibu Bawa

Every society is guided by rules, norms and values enacted from culture, tradition, history and/or religion which gives shape, feature and makes the society peaceful and habitable.

To everyone who attended any higher institution, visited ATMs or some gatherings in Northern Nigeria, “ladies first, ladies this, ladies that” have at least stucked his heart or blocked his ways in one occasion or the other.

What then happen, you’ll be in queue for hours and when they come, they’ll form their own and leave you waiting or at some places where you will be asked to be a man, meaning to hold on, they’ll pave ways for them to achieve their aims in time but these are the people that will later come to claim equality or even superiority.

I see this as the worst torture, beating a child and disallowing it to cry, highest level of insanity and lack of simple reasoning for anyone to equate a wife to her husband!

In some places here, the prospective husband have to work in the farm of his in-laws for years before he could be given a wife, in some, they have to test his endurance by giving him strokes of cane on his chest not even to mention the current mode of paying huge amount in thousands or hundreds of thousands as bride price or dowry to the bride’s family.

Tell me, between the purchased and the purchaser, who should dictate the tunes? It is obvious when you see the work of a malfunctioning brain.

Men have to make the first ‘move’, men have to build the house, roof the house and buy other things required. Men have to first approach the family and again, men have to pay all the price and buy clothes and other stuff in the name of “Lefe”, pay for every transportation anywhere they’re going and yet you called marriage a partnership? What type of partnership? Parasitism or demonism?

Let me take you to football field for better understanding.
Have you noticed that no matter how expensive a club buys a player, he is not equal or superior to the club. As long as the club pays him, he’s obligated to do as the club requires of him?

The club holds the right to bring in other players to play his position whether or not he’s playing to their satisfaction. In fact, he can be sold out or be let out for free anytime his contract runs out.

No matter how you see it, that is the same type of relationship that should and actually exist between a man and his wife that he paid bride price for. The wife may not see it that way, but men understand it and act accordingly.

I’m not saying wives should be seen as inferiors nor enslaved no matter how much or what one paid to marry, nor do I support those who are of such views but wives are subordinates and should agree to be and nobody should breach boundaries. Man is the head while everyone is below.

As long as men continue to pay bride price to marry their wives, they are not equal and men can acquire as many as they want as long as they are in need and have the means.

So listen carefully, if you are married to your husband and he paid bride price to marry you, claiming equality with him is criminal and you are a legally owned property!

If you want to change this narrative, tell your people to return the bride price he paid. It is only when both of you come together without one paying to have another that you can be partners or equals.

A man that sees you as partner after paying your bride price is an exceptional man. The one that does not see you as such after paying bride price to have you is not abnormal, he’s in fact very normal and have only chosen to act as the contract demands. There is nothing wrong about that.

If you want to be equal with your husband, make sure he does not pay bride price to marry you. If you want to be superior to him and be proud about it, ASK HIM OUT and pay the bride price.

Except this is done, wives remain properties of their husbands, no matter the position they hold outside home. If feminists are SERIOUSLY SERIOUS, they should call for abolition of bride price if they are really fighting for equality with men, especially in relation to marriage. Otherwise they are just but mentally retarded people.



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)  says its acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, did not say corruption caused Corona virus.

The rebuttal is contained in a statement signed by the EFCC’s Spokesman, Mr. Tony Orilade, on Sunday.

The EFCC boss had been trending on social media for his speech at the Passing Out Parade of its Detective Inspector Course 5 cadets at the Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna last Tuesday.

In a video broadcasted by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)  which has since gone viral, Magu said, “Corruption is the biggest strategy to human kind. Your Excellency, corruption is worse than all the diseases now running about. And I strongly believe, Your Excellency that even the corona virus is caused by corruption.”

However, in a statement titled, ‘Covid 19: Understanding what Magu said’, the EFCC said Magu only claimed that corruption is worse than cancer and corona virus.

The EFCC instead, quoted Magu as saying, “Regarding the evil of corruption and the need for Nigerians to join hands in tackling the menace, Magu said, ‘your Excellency, corruption is worse than cancer, Ebola-virus, Corona-virus and all other deadly diseases put together.

“Fighting corruption is thus a crusade against the evils of our society that are deeply-rooted and threatening to consume us.

“We are aware that the task is not easy and the path can be very thorny and lonely, but with determination and a high sense of mission, we are making progress towards rooting out this evil from our society.  We all appreciate you as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for embarking on this mission.” The EFCC said it was unfortunate that both the traditional and social media were trying to take the shine off the statement delivered by its acting chairman

The NYSC- Social Development Goals (SDGs) Community Development Service (CDS) has lunched a Tailoring programme, for Girls, which is an extention of the already successful Almajiri programme,  among many other efforts  of the group to eradicate poverty, create  decent jobs and promote Gender equality.

The event  took place at Ramat Road, Ungwan Rimi Kaduna on Thursday which  aim  at improving Gender equality in Nigeria with the introduction of the ‘Tailoring for Girls’, a programme that will train 5 girls to become tailors there by reducing the number of hawkers and unemployed ladies in the country.

Hajiya Jamila Tafarki said the tailoring for girls programme was introduced to achieve the goal 5 of the SDGs which is Gender equality and the girls will be trained for 6 months.

Hajiya Halima of Relish Foundation urged the girls to stay focused and take the tasks and training seriously. She added that her foundation is willing to take the best student who they will train further by majoring in a particular aspect of tailoring.

Maryam Isa Badamasi, One of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude to NYSC-SDGs for giving her the opportunity to learn how to sow which will aide her to cater for her family.

DPH NEWS Reports that the  Almajiri programme of the SDGs aimed at curbing the menace of Child abuse has already graduated its first set of almajiri students another set has been taken. Yahya Ali affirmed that the aim is to eradicate street begging by teaching young children shoe making.

Mal. Aminu Sallau, the almajiri program facilitator said “we taught this children how to make shoe for free after NYSC-SDGs provided all the equipment needed. The previous set we graduated were retained and are currently working as trainees as well.

Nusaiba Aliyu, the first young girl in the Almajiri Programme, expressed her deep gratitude to all the people that made it possible for her to learn how to make a shoe.