Article By Airview News On The Rating of Nigeria Police Force As The Worst in The World.

2016 World Police index by An International Agency placed the Nigeria Police Force as an underperforming organization and the worst in the world closely followed by the Democratic Republic Of Congo. Why should the Nigeria Police Force be rated like this when it has always won Laurels outside the shores of this country? Rating the Police as the worst in the world- well, some may agree And some may disagree.

So far, the Police could be said to have done well in the country considering the conditions in which they work.

Many may ask; what are all these? Capacity to sustain internal security was one of the parameters used to judge.

Is this a Yardstick? is it empirical? How did we get this far? who should take the blame? what is the way forward? Another rating is coming in 2018, how prepared are we to shame these Neo-sayers? this is a wake-up call for The Nigeria Police Force And Interestingly, The Citizens, Too.

The Issue of Destitution in Nigeria.

Any visitor to the country does not need to look far to see the increasing rate of destitution among Nigerians.  Definitely, Nigeria’s economic dilemma is daily forcing citizens to the fringes of human existence.  While the economic hard times may have preceded the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, the present government should also take the blame for being too slow in coming up with clear-cut policies on the way out of this quagmire.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians are living on less than $1 per day out of an estimated 170 million population.  That is far below the United Nation’s benchmark of at least $2 per day for the least deprived persons.  Invariably, Nigeria’s enormous wealth has not reflected positively on the well-being of the citizens.

Moreover, despite the massive revenue from oil, 70% of Nigerians still live within the poverty bracket, which means that present and successive governments have been unable to translate the country’s huge natural resources to the improvement of citizen’s living standard.

All indices point to the fact that the alarming increase in poverty is attributable to poor governance.  Evidence of terribly poor governance is palpable as it manifests in the corrupt, inept political leadership and weak civil institutions to dilapidated infrastructure.  We deplore the increasing destitution in the country.  It Is sad that while many Nigerians are living in grinding poverty in an oil-rich country, a privileged few wallow in opulence.  We call on the government to take mitigating steps to bring the alarming situation under control.

A scenario where only a few are benefitting from the common patrimony while the vast majority is excluded may likely breed social discontent if not well addressed.

It is a truism that inadequate economic growth is the main cause of poverty in Nigeria, as the economy has a very narrow and weak base, depending mostly on the exportation of petroleum crude oil for revenue, even as the agricultural base has been frustrated and marginalized.

In addition, growing unemployment has also exacerbated the level of destitution among Nigerians, while other factors include problems in the productive sector, widening income inequality, and social conflict, including gender, inter-sectored and environmental issues.  There is no gain-saying the fact poverty especially in the urban area has been made severe by low labour absorption capacity of the non-agricultural sector, especially manufacturing, which is because of limited growth of investment and technological innovation.

Arguably, enough has not been done to fight destitution in the country and the conditions that will give Nigerians the opportunity to earn decent and honest living remains a mirage.

The embarrassing paradox of destitution in Nigeria suggests the compelling need for a single-minded pursuit of the objective of poverty reduction and its eventual elimination.

We, therefore, call on all governments to step up the template for true development by re-energizing all the poverty alleviation programmes geared towards improving the living standard of the more vulnerable in our midst.

In this way, millions of Nigerians would move out of poverty and wanton lack, and to a more productive engagement in which all the basic necessities of life are met.

Gov. Okowa Launches S.M.A.R.T Ponzi (Delta State Lottery)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Since the Delta State government cannot create jobs for the jobless youths, Gov. Okowa has decided to create smart jobs through wealth creation programme, called Delta State Lottery (S.M.A.R.T gambling).Gov. Okowa told Deltans on Thursday, October 26, 2017, that the Delta State Lottery will empower a lot of Deltans and those who will participate in the game.According to him, “it is our strong hope that Delta State lottery will be a game changer in the lives of our people, we hope it will redistribute income to our people because, the high point of this lottery game is the job creation aspect, more Deltans should be employed through this process.”
“We are hopeful that most of the agents will help their families through the lottery,” he said, adding, “we are sure that there will be a lot of winning, not less than 50 percent of stake will be spent on winning while the state share from the other 50 percent would be plugged into charity, especially to assist vulnerable people.The above is the statement of our dear governor, Gov. Okowa who has taken Deltans and indeed Nigerians aback. When other state governors are launching resourceful programmes for their citizens, ours is encouraging Ponzi scheme (S.M.A.R.T Lotto).

It is shameful to note that Delta State House of Assembly granted approval for the establishment of Delta State Lottery. I can recall my school days when my parents use to warn me against anything gambling and the dangers accrued to it including instant and sudden wealth, manipulation of the hopes of the poor into making them stake their meager savings.
They end up most of the time disappointed leading many to commit suicide. My question still remains, is gambling the “prosperity for all Deltans” Gov. Okowa promised his people?
It is therefore condemnable, and unfortunate that the Delta state government could lend itself to the promotion of a scheme meant to rip Deltans of hard earned money. Deltans say NO to S.M.A.R.T lotto because Gov. Okowa was voted into better the lives of Deltans and not to impoverish them with this S.M.A.R.T game in the name of Delta State Lottery as Deltans are no longer foolish and greedy as they have learned from the past (the popular MMM Ponzi scheme).

Publisher, Airview News.

Food For Thought

By Mike Osemeke


Who the cap fits, Let them wear it.

So it was sung by a legendary reggae artiste.

APC’s emergence into government in the year 2015 was as a result of a systematic decay in relation to lack of communication between the governments and the governed, witnessed in the government of the day.

Were there developments?

Were there innovative agricultural technology?

Was food scarcity witnessed?

Answer not far-fetched; YES.

Was there insecurity?

Did corruption thrive?

Answer same is yes.

The present administration’s predecessors would not be graded 100% but it had Nigerians at heart.

Two major issues that saw them out of office was the nonchalant attitude they put up against corrupt public officers, patting them on the back and easily showing them the way out.

Secondly, the bias ethnic bitterness in people bore a zeal and urge for change irrespective of how good the package looks like, without a sense of x-raying the package.

These two major issues brought about the conquest of the APC-led government in the 2015 general elections in Nigeria.

Setting the books straight, the candidate of the APC, President Muhammadu Buhari is a man of great repute for his no-nonsense government when he was in power as a military Head of State.

In politics, when you dine with the devil, no matter how much you try to wash your hands clean, the devil will still haunt you for its insatiable pound of flesh.

What brought about the APC coalition is an issue no one will want to take a second look in Nigeria.  Give it to this present administration, a lot of stolen funds have been recovered but majorly from ‘perceived opposition party.  Even a blind man will attest to the fact that the anti-corruption fight is not equitably fought in Nigeria.

Appointments made into major offices have tilted more to the north, giving flight to the recent rumours that the present led APC government is a government for the northerners.  Issues like the IPOB secession bid, the Fulani herdsmen marauders and the undefeatable Boko Haram can all be calmed and put on check if only the President decides to be seen as the President of the people, exempting no-one in its train of a one-unified Nigeria, making sure that every single tribe in Nigeria is heard and put into cognizance in developmental architecture.

The sand of time shall tell the legacy we leave behind.

He who has ears, Let him hear.










This is the Federal road leading from Onicha-Ugbo in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State through Idumuje – Ugboko, Ewohinmi and Auchi in Edo state, down to Abuja the Federal Capital.

The road was constructed about five years ago but as of today, a death trap and impassable.  From what we can see from the picture above, it shows the pathetic state of the road and we have a sitting minister in the person of Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, an aspiring Senator and former House of Representatives member, Hon. Ned Munir Nwoko,  Senator representing Delta North Senatorial Zone in the National Assembly, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, member representing Aniocha/Oshimili in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Joan Onyemaechi Mrakpor and His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State, Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa.

As you read this, the people of Idumuje- Ugboko, an agrarian community, do not have access to their hometown as this road is the only link from the expressway in Onicha-Ugbo to their hometown.

We are using this medium to call on the Federal Government, Delta State and all other stakeholders to come to the aid of the inhabitants of these areas who are predominantly farmers as their means of livelihood is being threatened, as they can no longer transport their farm produce to the end users and also restricting their movement from one place to the other as the fare from Onicha-Ugbo to Idumuje Ugboko  on  motor cycle which is the only means of transportation in that area for now is one thousand naira, something  that was going for two Hundred Naira some months back.

This is really, really appalling.