Police Nab a boy that paraded himself as a Police DPO

Some hoodlums and thugs stormed Police station with all manners deadly Weapons, in disgiused as a protesters, in other to pepertrate crime and mayhem in the street of Lagos and it environs.

The public observes will not dispute the fact, that among the twelve disciples , they must be a judea, that does not signify that all Police are corrupt , there is an adage that says, a City were there is no security will be worse than anarchy and Jungle justice, survival of the fittest, so the security apparatus are needed in every society.


Is no more a news , that the hoodlums hyjacked the objectives of the protest, and began to unleashed all manners of crime and atrocitties in the street of Lagos and other part of nation.

During the time of this protest, Some hoodlums and thugs stormed a Police Station, carved guns and police uniforms, while burning a better part of the station, a few days before the chaos surrounding this now suspended protest, A young boy was captured on camera in a D.P.O. atire, when he paraded as the new D.P.O, as his mates all greeted him weeping D.P.O. He shouted. His career was cut short and too short when he was imprisoned for less than five days. He possibly is in office as ‘D.P.O’ for the shortest time. He was taken, among others, by security agents’ relentless search for hoodlums and thugs, so lets still applaud some competent and proactive officers that have contributed to combat crime to the barest mínimal. That is to say, that Police are still the friend of public.



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