DC Gaya: An officer committed to Enhance compliance level Via system Observer, to boost revenue

Greatness is a property for which no man can receive credit too soon; it must be possessed long before it is acknowledged. When one of the world’s greatest thinkers, Ralph Waldo Emerson handed down the above words of wisdom, those he had in mind were certainly the likes of DC.Gaya Y.M, the Area Project Manager (APM) Apapa Customs Command, Lagos. For the trail-blazing Customs officer par excellence from Dundun in Kano state, it is certainly impossible to gloss over his attributes for greatness.

Very few people appreciate their purpose in life and still understand the components of that purpose. Deputy Comptroller Gaya Y.M, Area Project Manager, Apapa Customs Command, Lagos will stand out among the few who had more than a fleeting nation of their sojourn on earth.


He is a rare breed who viewed life solely from the perspective of his God and knew that life’s purpose can only be fulfilled when self-will is surrounded to Almighty. DC. Gaya is a very supportive, encouraging and inspiring fellow; whatever he sets his mind on, he does passionately and quietly.

He is a loving, kind-hearted man and this shows in his dealing with all that come across him, including his fellow officers to be rated as one of the best customs officers in the country can never be a mean achievement. One peculiarity of Gaya Mohammed is that he operates with synergy in his relationship with not only customs officers but also officers of other sister agencies in commands he has served.

This amiable fellow is a man who has been identified as being effective and efficient in carrying out his official duties. He a crusader of integrity who believes in efficiency and improved revenue generation as well as zero tolerance for corruption.

A graduate of the University of Sokoto with BSc. degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. A native of Dundun in Kano state.Professionally, DC. Gaya who is vast in customs operations has attended several courses both locally and internationally like the Crown Agents, Accra, Ghana in 2010.

Since he joined the Nigeria Customs Service in 1990, he has moved through ranks in several commands where he served in various capacities and has made very remarkable achievements like Borno state, Murtala Mohammed International Airport customs command, Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Rivers state as Area Project Manager, Abakiliki out-station as Patrol Team Leader and Apapa command, Lagos where he is currently operating as Area Project Manager . He has always exhibited resilience in any command he serves by ensuring improved compliance level through system monitoring and increased revenue generation.

If competence as an Area Project Manager (APM) is anything to go by, Deputy Comptroller Gaya Y.M. can be described as an epitome of technical knowledge within the Nigeria Customs Service based on his professional experience which has manifested itself when he realized N1.2B from a reputable Telecommunication company into the Federal Government coffers as officer in charge of Query & Amendment.DC. Gaya and his group have also recovered N5.5B in a single transaction by an Offshore Oil company through excise control and development and that has been commendable as it is a very remarkable achievement in the history of Nigeria Customs Service.

In his exploits as the Area Project Manager (APM) in Onne Customs Command of the service where he was privileged to serve under several Area Controllers such as Comptrollers Richard Oteri, Mohammed Mogaji, Gummi Hamzat,Babani A.T several monumental achievements of the command could be traced to the unseen hands of the amiable Deputy Comptroller, Gaya Y.M., an erudite and articulate customs officer who is thoroughly diligent when carrying out his duties.

Based on the report made available to Grassroots Publishers, Gaya’s deployment to head the CPC/ASSYCUDA Unit of the command where he served for about 5 years,the revenue profile of the command which before then stood between N4 billion to N5 billion and in some rare cases N7 billion per month was seen to have over the time shoot up incrementally to about N8 billion, N9 billion, N10 billion per month.

This feat was attributed to his resolve to have prudently plugged several loopholes, which eventually led to increase in compliance level of trade. Several loopholes that were capitalized on by economic saboteurs were said to be detected by his led team and consequently plugged, and this, in the long run, had improved the revenue performance of the command.

His transfer to Apapa command of the service widely acclaimed to be the highest revenue earning command as APM in the last general redeployment of Deputy Comptrollers of Customs cadre once again is an attestation of professional competence garnered over the years which has endeared him to the highly elevated technical position.

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