COALITION OF UNITED POLITICAL PARTIES (CUPP). Declares their continued stayed in office as and act of illegality.

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere. Coalition of United Political Parties, National
Spokesperson. On this day 04/072019. in Abuja, said that CUPP drag
President Buhari and Aids to Federal High Court Abuja over the continued
illegal stay in office of Aids of President Buhari, including Secretary to
the Government of the Federation, Chief of Staff, Media Aids without
reappointment letter after expiration of Buhari first Tenure.

CUPP Declares their continued stay in office as an act of illegality,
impersonation and Desecration of sanctity of Constitutional Governmenc.

CUPP, says Buhari Aids Risk Prosecution over violation of Code of Conduct
Act by Continuing in office without first Declaring their assets and with
no letter of appointment.

CUPP, has call on President Buhari to stop Boss Mustapha, Femi Adesina,
Garba Shehu, Babba Kayri and Ita Enange, from parading as officers of
state until they have new letters of appointment.

“In The Federal High Court Of Nigeria, In The Abuja Division
Holden At Abuja”
Within thirty (30) days after service of this Summons on them inclusive of
the day of such service cause appearance to be entered for them to this
summons which is issued upon the application of the claimants whose address
within jurisdiction is C/o Chibuzor C. Ezike Esq of Chibuzor C. Ezike & Co
suite F35, Efab Mall Extension Area 11, Garki Abuja.

The CUPP launched the new legal offensive in a bid to project the
principles of our nations constitutional governance and seeking that the
court should declare the offices vacant.

Section 151(3) of the 1999 constitution as amended clearly provides:
section 151
(3) any appointment made pursuant to the provisions of this section shall
be at the pleasure of the president and shall cease when the President
cease to hold office.

However, the president first term office expired the midnight of may 28,
2019 and because he was declare winner of the presidential election he was
sworn in again, with fresh oaths and new mandate.

Hence all political appointments except statutory ones made ceased to exist
at the expiration of the constitutional mandate of four years and needs
renewal if the president wants such officers in their former position again.

The NDI/IRI Observation Mission Concluded that 2019 Elections did not meet the Expectations Of Many Nigeria.

By Maliki Duro, Abuja.

The joint Nigeria International Election Observation Mission of the
National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican
Institute (IRI) released it final report on the 2019 Nigerian Election. The
final report is a comprehensive analysis of the electoral process and
includes important recommendations ahead of Nigeria’s 2023 general election.

The final report build on the finding and recommendations of three
pre-election assessment missions in July 2018, September 2018, December
2018 as well as preliminary statement released following the February
23,2019 presidential and national Assembly election and the March 9, 2019
gubernatorial and state house of assembly election.

The IRI/NDI mission concluded it activities in accordance with Nigerian law
and the Declaration of principles for International Election Observation.

The IRI/NDI observation mission concluded that the 2019 election did not
meet the expectations of many Nigerians. The last-minute postponement of
the presidential and national Assembly election on the morning of Feb. 16
and delays in opening some polling units and other administrative
challenges on Feb. 23 undermined public confidence in the Independent
National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The 2019 general elections fell significantly short of standards set in

  1. Citizens confidence in elections was shaken, said Dr. Daniel Twining,
    IRI President.

The 2019 elections highlighted for many Nigerians the need for a national
conversation about the country’s democratization since the 1999 transition
to civilian rule, said ambassador Derek Mitchell, NDI president, we hope
this report may both spur and contribute to enriching that national

The final report provides recommendations to enhance the credibility of
elections in Nigeria going forward, including areas of improvement for
political party conduct, civic engagement, election security, and legal
frameworks around election dispute.

Tambuwal of PDP Win Ahmad Aliyu of APC in Sokoto guber Poll.

Governor Aminu Tambuwal, Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Sokoto State, has been declared winner of the governorship election in the state.

Tambuwal won with a slim margin, after collation of results from 22 Local Governments Areas (LGAs), where supplementary election took place on Saturday.

Fatima Mukhtar, Returning Officer for the election, announced this at the INEC collation center in the state in the state on Sunday.

Governor Tambuwal polled 512,002 votes to defeat Ahmad Aliyu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who came close behind with 511,661, losing to his erstwhile principal with just 341votes.

Tambuwal was leading with 489, 558 votes on March 9 when the governorship election was declared inconclusive, while Ahmad Aliyu of the All Progressives Congress, APC came behind with 486,145 votes.

He had led with 3,413 votes with cancellations in 136 polling units across 22 LGAs, which had 75,403 registered voters.

For Kebbe LGA, the last deciding factor for the elections, PDP secured 5,457, while APC polled 7,173 votes.

Official results of 21 LGAs announced so far at the State collation centre, located at the Sultan Maccido Institutes, indicates that Tambuwal was leading his counterpart, Aliyu Ahmad of the APC, with a margin of 161 votes.

However, at the final count, the APC polled 511,661 votes, while the PDP secured 512,002 votes, respectively.

As such, PDP defeated APC with 341 votes.

APC will lose the election if its free and fair: Salis

I can’t give an assessment based on the polling station I am, things are relatively peaceful here, people are voting because there is peace. I think people are scared to come out and vote based or the violent on the last election 2 weeks ago. But here is different, there is a heavy turnout.

There is a late distribution of election materials, like here as I heard; they started a bit late, an hour late.

Last election, we didn’t start voting until about 4pm so I can say there is a little improvement by INEC on that.

But I can’t tell you everything is okay based on what I heard in Alimosho, an elderly man goes to vote, some of the party agent will want to force them to vote their own party. And there is vote buying, only APC are doing vote buying, I don’t have money to do vote buying and even if I do, I don’t think that is what I want to do, so vote buying is the major issue. Like this my polling station rice is been distributed, well packed by APC .

Its still possible that our party can win the election, you can’t say, it might be happening here and you don’t know what is happening in other places, but one thing I know is this “if the process is free and fair APC will lose the election” because when you pick a ballot paper and you see an APC logo, you going to see an individual, something will come your mind like an individual in charge of Lagos state common wealth, and something else will come your mind when you see the crisis between Sanwo Olu and Governor Ambode that will come to your mind, another thing that will come to your mind is the issue of violence across the state. When you see PDP another thing will comes up in your mind, the issue of corruption even in APC, all these will come to your mind, you can’t just take the ballot paper without thinking and you just start to vote, though some people will, but intelligent people will reason, that will come to their mind when you see AD, you see progress, a party that really cares for his people and want to give back the Lagos common wealth back to the people.

Accepting the result of the election, it depends; you can see, at the different polling station, are there problems, like snatching of the box, fire, the process from the wards to local government and the collation centers, you have to look at all these things.

Some of our boys, party agents have been arrested. You see Lagos state have been in bondage over the hands of a particular man, who determines what will happen in the state, who becomes the governor and who don’t become, who to be licensed for a business and who not to, so that is why people should sit at the polling station and make sure their votes count, no subtractions no addictions, I expect Lagosians to seat down and say due process should be followed enough of this excess power, that whoever that will win is going to make a decision that will affect your life, because the power of the executives is very strong, look at what happened to the chief judge.

In Lagos today, am worried that the people that are in-charge don’t have fear of God, people are just religious, and once they have that power, because they don’t have the fear of God and love for the people, they will begin to abuse it and don’t have the interest of the people, these are the issues we are having.

I can’t understand in a day of election, rice is given to people, not even I a dignifying manner, they throw it to the people. Even if you are giving it in a dignifying manner, you have been in power for over 20 years, what the guy is saying is that these are hungry people anyways that I can always buy them with rice, not that they give them this rice everyday but they wait till the period of elections then give them rice, he is saying these are stupid people, meanwhile the future of our children is in the hands of these people. We all worth more than a bag of rice, and when you see the upcoming parties, they don’t have the money to be doing all these. You see it’s a crazy society and the way it is going now, we are going to have a one party system, because poverty is making a lot of people to come down so low

And what this government has try to do is to become an opposition from the grassroots, if you don’t hold loyalty to the individual you will be opposed and your loyalty will move from the people to the individual and he put in power whoever that can hold loyalty to him. The person will because if you can change their purse they will hold loyalty to you.

You know in other state it is determined by vote, if you don’t do the right thing next time they will vote you out, but in Lagos state it is an individual who will determine who will be there or not be. And the interest of the individual is not the same with the interest of the people anyway, so am angry and the people who supposed to talk, everybody is quiet.

About after now if the party will be sustained, if we win sure it will and its going to be the most robust party, what you will see is a lot of people coming into the party, my fear will be the kind of people that will be coming into the party. Then people who are not talking will start opening up and all that.

But am worried about the individual, people will want to go to his house and attack him but we have to protect him, it has happened before in other society when an individual is suppressing the people and when he loses the power people attack him and burn his house, you know these things that people are not happy with the individual, he is not doing the right thing. We have a problem with our political system.

BREAKING: INEC Announce Ayade winner of Cross River governorship election

Incumbent governor of Cross River State and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Professor Ben Ayade has been declared the winner of the March 9 governorship election by The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Ayade, who won in all the 18 local government areas of the state, won the election with a winning margin of 250,323 votes.

He polled 381,484 votes to defeat the All Progressives Congress (APC) that polled 131,161.

Candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Mr Eyo Ekpo polled 4, 818 votes.

Announcing the results at about 4 am on Monday, March 11, INEC returning officer and Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Warri, Delta State, Professor Akii Ibhadode, said the PDP candidate having scored the highest number of votes and fulfilled the requirements of the law, was returned elected.

According to him, number of registered voters is 1,486,026, accredited voters 542,115, valid votes 522, 309, rejected votes 11,499 and total votes cast 533,808.

2019 Presidential Election Results Declare

The presentation of the Presidential Election Election after three days of waiting in suspense has come to an end. 

All the 36 states and the FCT has presented their results at the National Collation center at the International Conference Hall Abuja.

The final state to present the result was Rivers which presented its result of the Presidential Election at about 12am.

After the presentation the INEC Chairman Prof Mahmoud Yakubu adjourned the session to 3am this morning for the final declaration of the winner of the Presidential Election. Nigerians will get to know who will rule the country within the next 3 hours. 

By Saleh Faruq Gagarawa

Breaking: APC clinches Two State

The All progressive congress (APC) has clinched two states so far at Presidential race. The two states are Ekiti State and Osun State this was declared at the International Conference Center Abuja where the National collation is holding now. 

In Ekiti State APC has 219 231 while PDP pulled 154032. And at Osun State APC has 347634 while PDP pulled 337377. 
However in both Ekiti and Osun states only 20 party agents signed and accepted the results at State level. 

By Saleh Faruq Gagarawa 
Live Collation

Ongoing Election: Reasons many Nigerians may be Deprive

It is now very obvious that many Nigerians will be disenfranchised in the going presidential and National Assembly elections.

Things are not as they are seen on the surface as Nigerians cannot even find their names on the voters’ list.

According to Daily Post report, that even in the Nation’s Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, the electoral umpire has not lived up to its billings.

Our correspondents spread across Polling Units in the FCT have provided two clear reasons why many Nigerians may not have the opportunity to choose their leaders using the power of their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs today.

Some voters in Abuja and its environs arrived their assigned polling units to be told by INEC officials that their units have been moved to somewhere else.

Electorate at Polling Units at Ushafa, Peyi, Bwari and Dutse Makaranta and Lugbe areas who spoke to our correspondents, cried out that they may end up not voting today even as INEC extended the voting time.

Some electorates complained that with their voters card, their names could not be found in INEC’s voters register, while others go from one polling unit to the other, searching for their names.

One of the angry voters, Ahmad Yusuf, who spoke with our correspondent, at Ushafa, said, “What more can I say, you have seen it all.

“When they shifted the election by one week, one would think they knew what they were doing but its quite unfortunate that many Nigerians, as you can see, will be disenfranchised.”

Also speaking, a voter, who identified himself simply as Mohammed, said, “I came here 7:56 am and I have not voted.

“I being pushed from one polling unit to the other. I have my PVC here but my name could not be found. I have complained to the officials of INEC here but they keep telling me to check other units. I feel that INEC deliberately wants to deny me of the opportunity.”

Lalong optimistic elections will end peacefully

Simon Lalong, Plateau State Governor, said the Presidential and National Assembly Elections will end without dispute.

He noted that from the information he has received across the State, voting has been going on without any problem.

Lalong casted his vote at his Ajikamai polling unit 015.

2019 Election: Update and Photos

Traffic at the axes of Abuja

There is heavy vehicular movement on routes leading to the central districts of Abuja as Nigeria’s general elections kick off this morning.

However, soldiers from the Nigerian Army blocked many of the entry routes to Abuja from the Nasarawa state end. 

As early as 5am, soldiers barricaded routes from Mararaba, Nyanya, Jikwoyi, Karu and the Kugbo Checkpoint, preventing motorists from accessing the Asokoro District of Abuja and other parts of the city.

Calm as voters begins to vote at Jigawa

There is an appreciable turn out of voters in Jigawa state as elections commenced. The atmosphere is generally calm.

Registered voters have started casting their ballots in Madobi Gabas and Madobi Yamma polling units in Dutse local government area of the state.

Attempted Ballot box snatchers arrested

10 youths have been arrested from different locations in Bende local government of Abia State, over allegation of attempting to snatch ballot boxes.

Two Killed at Ebonyi

Two persons have been killed while three others were injured in Amagu ward one in Ikwo Local Government Area of the Ebonyi State.

The police commissioner in the state, Awosola Awotunde, confirmed the incident. The violence occurred late on Friday night.

Mr Awotunde said the incident followed a clash between supporters of two political parties in the state. Although he did not mention the parties, there have been clashes between APC and PDP supporters in the South-eastern state.

“The injured ones are being treated in the hospital. We are treating them as suspects for now as they were involved in the clash.”

Ebonyi witnessed a lot of pre-election violence with some people killed and many others injured.

Details soon

Thugs in army uniform snatch ballot boxes

Armed men dressed in millitary and Police uniforms have allegedly snatched sensitive election materials in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area.

An eyewitness said that the materials were kept at the Central school Mbutu in Aboh Mbaise where it will be deployed to  Mbutu, Umuhu, Ahiato and Enyiogugu Polling Units.

Meanwhile voting has commenced at the Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Ogboko polling booth 2 in Ideato South Council Area.

There was massive turnout of voters, especially women and youths who queued to be accredited to vote.

Meanwhile the governor, whose house is less than one kilometre from the polling Unit was yet to come to vote as at the time of filling this report.

Peaceful Voting at Abuja

Election is going on peacefully at Lugbe Primary School Abuja or though the INEC staffs did not arrive at the polling units at the scheduled time but many voters has  expressed satisfaction. Security officials are as well giving a helping hand in arranging the queue. 

As at the time of this reporting many are still trooping out to cast their votes. However some voters who transferred their permanent voters card to Lugbe Primary school could not find their names on the voters register they expressed dissatisfaction with the transfer register. An eligible voter name withheld said he has Been looking for his name for over an hour but he could not find his name he further emphasized that he has been to about four polling units but he could not find his name in any of the registers. 

Our correspondents  also visited King of Kings Poling unit at Lugbe where everything was orderly and calm. 

While some places faced difficulties in setting up the smart card readers some eligible voters complained that the smart card reader stopped at a particular time voting and accreditation had to stop.  

Reports reaching us says the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has extend the time of voting at some places that didn’t start voting on time.

By Saleh Faruq Gagarawa