The divorce of societal values in contemporary school system and the honor done on business. The School system is absolutely a very different system from other systems we possibly have in our society.

It is the mirror of all kinds of social effects that we have in other systems that make up our society. A stealing child, lying child , sex driven child, abusive child , low self esteem child, an insolent child, etc are all seen and had in the school system.

This is because there’s no special place where learners must come from to make up the school, everyone can come from every and any where to become a learner. All of these have respectively interacted with social elements at their own reaches before coming to school.

WHAT THE SCHOOL IS IN REAL SENSE :The school in all honesty is 30% a cognitive development lab, 20% a psychomotor development lab and 50% an affective and value development lab. This is why upon graduation a child is first found fit in CHARACTER, before LEARNING. Skill is at 20% because with or without the school systems skills can be massively and in details learnt and developed in many other skill development systems.

The school is first a harmonizing ground that brings all these characters, differently influenced by different social elements together and places them under strict checks with standards, values that aren’t far away from the right social values of the society( the reason why the school curriculum is massively centered on the values of the people). The checks on these characters are on multi grounds.

The teacher in the classroom does so by paying particular attention to what is said, done by the students and the prevailing changes noticed in every child, none of their expressions sliding without a GOOD teacher asking WHY?(this is what the knowledge of edu and child psychology does), the compound masters or disciplinary coaches check these character adjustments as well outside the classroom, that is why most of us never played or joked with our compound or disciplinary masters. The heads of schools do these too, when a child is found behaving in ways unacceptable to the society and school, he was lashed at assembly halls, booed, punished.


You don’t soothe an Ill attitude. Whatever psychology that taught us that romancing a child’s misbehaviour and frowning just the face are enough to correct a child that is exposed to multiple social defects and hostilities and is interacting consciously and unconsciously with them, is misleading us and the sanity of total Education. Look, it is one thing to discipline a child it’s another to have that child disciplined in a sustainable way…

How some of us grew up to become the right sense of people and thinking persons today, careful of what we do and say, though with our different bad sides, is greatly tied to the strict disciplines of our parents and school masters.

Behaviourists are of the view and I second same that any encouraged action will continue and that which isn’t rewarded won’t prevail(reinforcement). The old school standards, made sure that for every pain a learner caused the other or expressed attitude that will progress into an uncontrollably dangerous one, was unrewarded with serious pain infesting techniques as well.

Replace early child stupidity with diye and lasting pains, he will grow never to do same. Children were duly disciplined, flogged and the marks of the cane seen by them, for everytime the learners turned to look at it, it did something to their minds, the place of parenting that supported same made it so much that the child had no one to run to and had no other option but to get tamed..


The Western school standards , killed right values in our schools and parents are a part of the problem . What in God’s name is AMERICAN LIBERAL SCHOOL STANDARDS AND CALM PARENTING? These contemporary standards are good.

They help develop in our children Cognitive and motor strength and independence, but affectively??? ZERO. “Don’t flog a child, don’t scold a child, calm parenting brings out the best from a child, discuss with them when they do things wrongly, make them your partners, canes are forbidden in schools, teachers should have a staff room and not stay in class with kids, if a child misbehaves, report to the school masters or advise the child not to do it again..??

How do we accommodate such in a society full of threatening social defects ? By studies the degree of bully cases recorded in most western schools, is so high, yet we tend to imitate their school value systems here too?.

Parents now pay so much to some valueless schools, simply because they don’t want anyone to flog or scold their kids, should anyone attempt it, the parent comes heavy breathing getting ready to fight the teacher ” I don’t flog my child, how dare you touch him”.

Honestly, you’ll take your child home and teach him yourself. What do we think e are teaching the child? How to abuse another, kill another, insult a teacher and stay confident with it because we don’t want to hurt the learner or make him feel bad because of scolding him? RUBBISH!

Parents must learn how to allow the school do its job professionally and not rant or battle at every corrective measures taken.

There are extents to child punishment as a professional teacher. No professional teacher will flog the child to death, none will strangle the child to death. This is the reason why people should not establish schools anyhow and just employ people of sad and cruel effective domain with excellent grades from the university. Let the job be for those trained holistically in it.

Sylvester died because the school is one that the parents instruct teachers not to discipline children for exhibiting young age foolishness . Those killer boys have always in one way or the other exhibited wicked and ill tendencies in school, the first time wasn’t when they killed Sylvester..

What did the teacher do? what did the school do? advise them ba?.act with them as partners right? not scold them so they don’t feel bad….have we seen what it caused.?

How do you dare say that a child who confessed to have been beaten and bruised to death by other students, fell during games at the pitch.? You see, it’s good to state here, kids are very vulnerable in the face of self effect. Psychologically no child retains any lie be it sudden or pre-planned in the face of a situation that will take his life or probably cause him helpless pains. They aren’t adults who have by experience or frequent exposure known that certain effects may not end them, even most adults will confess the truth if their situation is a sorry one.

How then do criminals , witches confess in the face of near death.?. That principal is first guilty of conspiracy in the death of the boy. I mean why would you seeking to protect your job make you spill such insensitive words to the public?..You see the school systems we are having?where money making is placed over character modification and adjustment of learners…

God help us.

Ekemini David

Dept of counselling,AEFUNAI



It’s a 60 seconds read and I believe you will find it worthy

Never talk down people and never hire people to join you to hate those you hate.

Infact, why hate people?
And you, Yes! You, please don’t join the clique of haters.
Someone is doing better than you and the best you can do is to hate the person.

As if that is not enough, you the hire people of your like mind to join you in hating the person. This is envy at it’s peak, it is not only lack of wisdom but mediocrity.
Your friend won a big challenge, instead of you to send a congratulatory message, all you can jealously say is why that person and not You?
Please, don’t hate people who are doing better than you, rather move closer to them and ask questions. They will be humble enough to answer your questions.
NEW LEVEL ATTRACT NEW ENEMIES but choose NOT to be that enemy, rather CHOOSE TO SEE THE GOLD IN ALL HUMAN when others are busy pointing at their flaws.
If you have been doing this, please stop it is not too late. Call that your friend now or send a message. It’s not too late to make a U-turn
Lastly, whatever you don’t want people to do to you, please don’t to it to others.
Please go with this in the new week. Thank you for reading

Georgeana Reuben 

Content Creator

PERSEVERE: Your Season Is Near.

The year is gradually coming to an end and you’re feeling bad about not attaining your desired planned goals for the year.

Maybe you’re a student and your target is to have distinction in all your courses yet it’s not showing forth and you’re beginning to feel like those who didn’t do as much as you have done, have distinctions.

Read, Prepare and Pray more. Don’t be envious of their success, IT WON’T BRING YOURS.
Maybe you aimed at gaining admission this year but as it stands your hope were dashed, don’t feel too bad.

Gather up strength again and reapply next year but don’t give up.


PLEASE DO and go surround yourself with the right set of people. Remember, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE, THE SITUATION ONLY FAILED YOU.

As a Minister, you desire to be invited for many ministrations with the aim of blessing lives and expressing the power of God at work in you, God sees your pure motive towards this but as at now, You haven’t been invited to any and you’re beginning to feel like you’re very anointed and designed for this yet the platform is not coming.

I will say this; Gather more strength in your secret place and stay there. DON’T LOBBY FOR PLATFORMS, IT IS DISHONOURING.

Your time will come and by then you will be tired of ministration.

Please, DON’T BE DESPERATE FOR PLATFORMS! You might be saying you are fully loaded but what if God is saying, My Son! Stay more YOU ARE NOT FULLY PREPARED.
Please, never compare yourself with others be it in any sphere.

IF NEED BE THAT YOU UNFOLLOW SOME PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO HAVE YOUR PEACE and be free from inferiority complex and avoid comparison.

PLEASE DO., if that will give you lots of peace!
GOD IS TRAINING  you and surely you will MANIFEST but don’t loose out on your training years due to impatient!

Remember, Jesus that raised Lazarus from the dead could have healed him while still on sick bed but which of the sides attracted more audience?

 I believe in your dream and capacity but DON’T GO BEFORE GOD.

Stay! Your Time Cometh!!
Georgeana Reuben writes from the faculty of Education. University of Ibadan.


5 destructive Habits That Kill Your Marriage.

Building a strong marriage is like growing a garden – both need constant work and nurturing. Therefore, if both spouses put enough effort into their marriage, it will thrive.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to analyze your behavior and spot destructive habits that sooner or later could terminate your marriage.

So, what are those dangerous habits that could undermine your healthy marriage and turn it into hell? Read on to find out.

The reasons one spouse may pick on the other could originate from childhood experiences, personality traits, and even falling out of love. Constant unjustified criticism creates tension and undermines marriage in the worst way possible.

Dr. Jim Burns, a family therapist and author of multiple books about marriage, says that many relationships “function with a constant low-grade anger and negative atmosphere.” Much like “trying to live life to the fullest with an infection and fever,” such relationships won’t likely last for a long time if everyone is under constant stress.

Name-calling is a sure way to ruin any marriage. “Derogatory comments can often be perceived as a form of verbal abuse and have negative consequences if the couple decides to get divorced,” says Andriy Bogdanov, CEO of OnlineDivorce, one of the leading online services for preparing divorce filings. “If the injured spouse provides the judge with documented evidence, the other spouse could have difficulties in obtaining custody over children.”

Verbal fights between loving spouses are a common practice in almost every marriage. For some spouses, daily conflicts are part of everyday life. It doesn’t mean, though, that they are on the brink of divorce.

“It is not a matter of whether conflicts will come; it is how they are dealt with when they occur that will determine the success of your marriage,” explains Errol A. Bennett in ‘How to Tune-Up Your Marriage for Life.’

For example, constructive arguing without derogatory remarks could benefit the relationship if the couple reaches a compromise in the end.

If the fight is inevitable, some psychologists advise against bringing up past grievances and suggest focusing only on the current issue. For example, don’t mention absolutely everything you think your partner is doing wrong if you start arguing about washing the dishes.

Unfortunately, not all couples know how to prevent the conflict from escalating. Everyone secretly desires that the other partner admits they were wrong. The reality is that the chances of such a scenario are close to zero. Thus, the goal of every fight should be to hear and be heard and take steps to resolve the conflict before it snowballs.

Sexual involvement with other partners outside marriage is common for men and even some women. About 20% of men and 13% of women cheat on their spouses during their relationship, reports the Institute for Family Studies.

The one notable difference between the sexes is that men pursue quantity and avoid forming emotional bonds with the affair partner. On the other hand, women typically choose quality over quantity and develop romantic feelings for the other person.

Neither case makes it any easier to forgive the cheating spouse. On the contrary, infidelity destroys trust between the spouses and leads to divorce in more than one-third of cases.

Not getting enough attention is something that many couples face once the honeymoon phase is over. Unfortunately, it’s also the reason that 34% of marriages fall apart, according to a study published in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage.

How can you fix the situation? Be the first to make a move. Start with small acts of appreciation. Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Indeed, kind words will immediately improve the recipient’s mood and could be a source of positive emotions for an extended period. Occasional little surprises would also do the trick.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you spend time and put in some effort to make the other person feel better.

Not getting enough sex can cause many other issues to emerge in a marriage. For example, both spouses become disinterested in each other. As a result, one of them could resort to adulterous behavior, develop low self-esteem, and so on.

To save your relationship, try to discuss this issue with your spouse. Men and women have different needs, so try to find a compromise that would suit you both.

And remember that sex alone won’t save your marriage. If it’s not complemented by spiritual intimacy, it will be nothing but a physical exercise.

If you fail to notice the emerging problems in time and fix them, they threaten to bring severe consequences, including marriage breakdown. And while divorce could be a blessing for some couples, others may want to do whatever they can to avoid it.

The Storm Over Kyari-Hushpuppi’s Scandal

Before the mud was splashed on Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari over his alleged dealing with multi-millionaire and social media influencer Ramon Abbas, alias Hushpuppi, the police officer from Borno State was a celebrated cop with multiple awards from several organisations. He was not only loved for his sterling performance in the war against criminals afflicting our nation, Kyari seems to be the magic wand in resolving knotty criminal cases.

It is due to his performance profile that once made him one of the few honest and determined police officers needed to resolve criminal cases. When he stepped in the case of Lagos-based kidnapper Evans, the short man was thrown out of business and since then, the notorious kingpin has been cooling his legs in detention, awaiting his day in court.

Kyari, before his suspension, was always here and there, but more there than here. He was dreaded and most feared by criminals and their gangs. He ensured these undesirable elements were chained with the dread of his fearsomeness. Unlike some security personnel who prefer working under the shadows, the super cop from the North-east geo-political zone always operated under the floodlights. His many supporters took to their social media platforms to celebrate him as he battled outlaws from one state to the other. His awards are too many to count and he attracted admiration from far and near.

However, his popularity rating nosedived when the American Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) recently requested for his extradition to face charges over his alleged involvement with the controversial media influencer Hushpuppi. According to the American agency, there is evidence that the super cop was involved with Hushpuppi in arranging the arrest of a rival gang leader engaged in questionable matters over attempts to swindle an Arab of the sum of over $1 million.

If what the FBI alleges is true, then, the days and months ahead may quite be tough and lonely for the super cop. Going through the report by the FBI that has gained global traction, the end may soon be near for the man whom many believe, before his arrest, was a step away from being crowned as the Inspector General of Police in waiting.

The social media and other information highway has been enmeshed in various conspiracy theories around the matter in order to either condemn or exculpate Kyari of an alleged crime that is still a subject of intense investigations by the FBI. Not only have some people that are sympathetic to the super cop insisting that the scandal was hatched to bring him down from his excellent position as one of Nigeria’s most courageous and performing DCP, others have alleged that the man whose performance has been attested by the multiple awards may not be, after all, clean.

All these allegations and counter allegations on Kyari are aimed at muddling the matter in a bid to either gain public sympathy or attract the wrath of the public. Fortunately, the main accusers of Kyari are not Nigerians who are easily swayed by emotional outbursts. The FBI works with facts and when one is found attempting to game the American system, no force in the world can stop them from bringing such a man to justice.

Abba Kyari : Is never a syndicate with Hushpuppi

It is no news anymore that the arrest and prosecution of Ramon Abass Olorunwa a.k.a HushPuppi has recently open a can of worm and keg of gun powder waiting to explode.

The mention of the name and indictment of a Nigeria Police Personnel, DCP Abba Kyari as an accomplice in the fraudulent transaction that defrauded a Qatari business man to the tune of 1.1 million dollars is a stain to the integrity and purpose driven few personnel in the police force.

Abba Kyari is a well respected and disciplined cop due to his professionalism in tackling crimes across the country, he has done tremendously well in fighting crime in its entirety, but it is not surprising that he has also been indicted with verifiable facts according to FBI.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI, is a professional and independent security agency of the United State and its non-partisan in sentimental politics rate the agency in high esteem. If FBI could indict Abba Kyari base on HushPuppi statement, it is of no essence for Nigerians to doubt the authencity of the indictment but the onus is on the Nigeria Police leadership to constitute an internal and non-partisan investigative panel to probe the indicted officer before rushing into conclusion against Kyari, the Super Cop.

Though, he has been suspended, and currently facing the IGP constituted panel, more should be done to get the nitty gritty of this scandalous allegation. The general public is watching how the APC led government of President Muhammadu Buhari will handle this case as it affects one of the best personnel used by this administration  to tackle crime across board who may be extradited if found guilty by the IGP Investigative Panel.

The level of Corruption in the Nigeria Police and other parastatals is huge and large enough to accommodate all and sundries under the authority of the uniform and appointment, Allegations have always been made against the former IRT boss and his team by various victims but one cannot underestimate the fact that Abba Kyari and his team have always been at the forefront of crime fighting which doesn’t immune them from gratification in the course of duty but a bribe that puts your hard earned and delicate career on the brink of collapse when such act is actually avoidable.

Like the saying, to err is human to forgive is divine, this has come to play in the case of Nigeria acclaimed super cop Abba Kyari, we should not rush into conclusion because an indictment doesn’t mean conviction , as so many persons still believes in his true leadership.

Abba Kyari may be innocent or guilty as indicted by FBI and wanted for extradition. It is expected that he should be given a fair hearing to defend himself and for the commitment he has always exhibited in the cause of duty to his Fatherland.

Article is written by Michael Reuben.

How Nnamdi Kanu’s alleged abduction bears semblance to kidnapping of Umar Dikko in 1984

The detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) recently accused the Nigerian government of abducting him from Kenya.

Aloy Ejimakor, the lawyer to Kanu, who visited him at the State Security Service (SSS) detention, narrated the circumstances of the arrest of his client, putting an end to series of speculations on the place he was arrested and brought to Nigeria.

It would be recalled that Kanu was recently extradited back to Nigeria, and the unwillingness of the federal government to give details of his extradition had fueled speculations, as some platforms reported that he was arrested in Czech Republic while others reported Ethiopia, Brazil and even the United Kingdom.

The latest clarification by Kanu, through his lawyer, has generated further controversies in the past couple of days. In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Mr Ejimakor said that Kanu, who had been in Kenya since May, was arrested at the airport while he was trying to pick up an unknown person.

He claimed that the “Kenyan Government was deeply involved in the abduction, detention and ill-treatment of my client before the illegal handover to their Nigerian counterpart.”

The account by the lawyer clearly contradicts the position of the Kenya High Commissioner to Nigeria, Wilfred Machage, who at a press briefing, denied the involvement of the government of Kenya in the “abduction.”

“I want to address the allegation by denying that Kenya was involved in the alleged arrest in Kenya and extradition to Nigeria of Mr Kanu.

“The allegation is fictional, imaginary and deliberately concocted to fuel antagonistic feeling amongst the southern section of the Nigerian people against the Kenyan people.

Kenya’s Director General of Immigration Services, Alexander Muteshi, in an interview with Kenya Nation, said he was not aware that Kanu was in the country. However, Kanu’s lawyer has insisted that he was with the passport of his client which shows he was in Kenya.

Also, the Nigerian government had refused to state where and how Kanu was adopted. The Attorney General of the federation, Abubakar Malami, while announcing the capture of the IPOB leader, said he was intercepted through the collaboratory effort of security agencies.

Equally, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, had also evaded questions on where and how Kanu was captured.

DAILY POST contacted the Spokesperson of Kenya’s government, Col Cyrus Oguna, but he did not pick his calls.

History of abduction

Notwithstanding the back and forth between Kenya officials and Kanu’s lawyer, what is not in doubt is the entanglement of President Muhamadu Buhari with alleged abduction.

Mr Kanu’s allegations bear similarity with the failed abduction of Umar Dikko, a former Minister of Transportation under President Shehu Shagari, in July 1984.

Mr Dikko was accused of embezzling about $1billion and declared the most wanted man by the Buhari regime, who had toppled the then administration in a coup. In a plot similar to the James Bond movie, the regime allegedly worked with the Israeli intelligence, MOSSAD, to locate and kidnap the former minister.

The whole saga which was subsequently dubbed the Dikko Affairs allegedly involved former Mossad agents, Alexander Barak, Felix Abitbol, Nigerian intelligence officer, Mohammed Yusufu and Doctor Lev-Arie Shapiro, who administered the anaesthetic.

Mr Dikko was abducted in front of his house at Bayswater in London, unfortunately for the kidnapper, the personal secretary of Mr Dikko, Elizabeth Hayes had witnessed the grabbing and reported to the police.

Mr Dikko, who was sedated and had an endotracheal tube inserted in his throat to avoid him choking on his vomit, was put in a crate alongside Dr Shapiro, to ensure he did not die in transit. While the other two Israelis occupied the second crate.

Charles Morrow, Custom officer at Stansted Airport that foiled the kidnapping, in an interview with BBC, noted that the appearance of the Nigeria Airway Booing 707 at the tarmac to pick up diplomatic bags from the Nigerian High Commission in London, raised suspicion.

Also, Scotland Yard had raised a warning about possible smuggling of a Nigerian exile who had been kidnapped

Furthermore, the agents failed to tag the crates with the diplomatic tag in compliance with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, which would have prevented the customs officers from inspecting the content.

17 persons involved in the incident were arrested, and according to the Minute House of Common session sighted by DAILY POST, the then Secretary of State for the Home Department, Leon Brittain, said the Nigerian government failed to use the Fugitive Offender Act, which applies to Nigeria. This means the Nigerian government could have formerly requested the arrest of Dikko.

In the aftermath of the diplomatic fiasco, the Nigerian Government had seized the British Caledonian plane and two British engineers were arrested and spent 25 months in prison for stealing a private jet.

The Nigerian government and the Israeli denied involvement in the abduction. This resulted in a breakdown of diplomatic relations for two years.

The legal implication of the forceful rendition

A legal practitioner, Rasheed Bakare, who spoke with DAILY POST, said to argue force rendition by Kanu’s legal team will be hard, because Kanu abused the privilege of bail in the first instance.

He stated that although the team could approach the High Court to file for fundamentals, the chances are slim.

“The most important thing is that whenever anyone abuses his/her bail condition, through the order the court, the authority can use any means necessary to return such a person back.

“He left the country through illegal means. The argument of the lawyer is a no go area. Even with his record, it will be difficult for him to get another bail, because he abused the privilege. The question is, who will stand for him?”

Kanu’s lawyer has also harped on the dual citizen status of his client, and has called for the intervention of the British Government.

But Mr Bakare noted that as far as the crime he is being accused of, were committed in Nigeria, his citizenship status becomes irrelevant to the case.

“We must fall back to the constitution, the constitution recognizes citizenship by birth. Since the offence he is being tried for was committed in Nigeria, he will still have to face the law in Nigeria. If a British citizen should commit an offence in Nigeria, he can be tried.”

Article By Airview News On The Rating of Nigeria Police Force As The Worst in The World.

2016 World Police index by An International Agency placed the Nigeria Police Force as an underperforming organization and the worst in the world closely followed by the Democratic Republic Of Congo. Why should the Nigeria Police Force be rated like this when it has always won Laurels outside the shores of this country? Rating the Police as the worst in the world- well, some may agree And some may disagree.

So far, the Police could be said to have done well in the country considering the conditions in which they work.

Many may ask; what are all these? Capacity to sustain internal security was one of the parameters used to judge.

Is this a Yardstick? is it empirical? How did we get this far? who should take the blame? what is the way forward? Another rating is coming in 2018, how prepared are we to shame these Neo-sayers? this is a wake-up call for The Nigeria Police Force And Interestingly, The Citizens, Too.

The Issue of Destitution in Nigeria.

Any visitor to the country does not need to look far to see the increasing rate of destitution among Nigerians.  Definitely, Nigeria’s economic dilemma is daily forcing citizens to the fringes of human existence.  While the economic hard times may have preceded the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, the present government should also take the blame for being too slow in coming up with clear-cut policies on the way out of this quagmire.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians are living on less than $1 per day out of an estimated 170 million population.  That is far below the United Nation’s benchmark of at least $2 per day for the least deprived persons.  Invariably, Nigeria’s enormous wealth has not reflected positively on the well-being of the citizens.

Moreover, despite the massive revenue from oil, 70% of Nigerians still live within the poverty bracket, which means that present and successive governments have been unable to translate the country’s huge natural resources to the improvement of citizen’s living standard.

All indices point to the fact that the alarming increase in poverty is attributable to poor governance.  Evidence of terribly poor governance is palpable as it manifests in the corrupt, inept political leadership and weak civil institutions to dilapidated infrastructure.  We deplore the increasing destitution in the country.  It Is sad that while many Nigerians are living in grinding poverty in an oil-rich country, a privileged few wallow in opulence.  We call on the government to take mitigating steps to bring the alarming situation under control.

A scenario where only a few are benefitting from the common patrimony while the vast majority is excluded may likely breed social discontent if not well addressed.

It is a truism that inadequate economic growth is the main cause of poverty in Nigeria, as the economy has a very narrow and weak base, depending mostly on the exportation of petroleum crude oil for revenue, even as the agricultural base has been frustrated and marginalized.

In addition, growing unemployment has also exacerbated the level of destitution among Nigerians, while other factors include problems in the productive sector, widening income inequality, and social conflict, including gender, inter-sectored and environmental issues.  There is no gain-saying the fact poverty especially in the urban area has been made severe by low labour absorption capacity of the non-agricultural sector, especially manufacturing, which is because of limited growth of investment and technological innovation.

Arguably, enough has not been done to fight destitution in the country and the conditions that will give Nigerians the opportunity to earn decent and honest living remains a mirage.

The embarrassing paradox of destitution in Nigeria suggests the compelling need for a single-minded pursuit of the objective of poverty reduction and its eventual elimination.

We, therefore, call on all governments to step up the template for true development by re-energizing all the poverty alleviation programmes geared towards improving the living standard of the more vulnerable in our midst.

In this way, millions of Nigerians would move out of poverty and wanton lack, and to a more productive engagement in which all the basic necessities of life are met.

Gov. Okowa Launches S.M.A.R.T Ponzi (Delta State Lottery)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Since the Delta State government cannot create jobs for the jobless youths, Gov. Okowa has decided to create smart jobs through wealth creation programme, called Delta State Lottery (S.M.A.R.T gambling).Gov. Okowa told Deltans on Thursday, October 26, 2017, that the Delta State Lottery will empower a lot of Deltans and those who will participate in the game.According to him, “it is our strong hope that Delta State lottery will be a game changer in the lives of our people, we hope it will redistribute income to our people because, the high point of this lottery game is the job creation aspect, more Deltans should be employed through this process.”
“We are hopeful that most of the agents will help their families through the lottery,” he said, adding, “we are sure that there will be a lot of winning, not less than 50 percent of stake will be spent on winning while the state share from the other 50 percent would be plugged into charity, especially to assist vulnerable people.The above is the statement of our dear governor, Gov. Okowa who has taken Deltans and indeed Nigerians aback. When other state governors are launching resourceful programmes for their citizens, ours is encouraging Ponzi scheme (S.M.A.R.T Lotto).

It is shameful to note that Delta State House of Assembly granted approval for the establishment of Delta State Lottery. I can recall my school days when my parents use to warn me against anything gambling and the dangers accrued to it including instant and sudden wealth, manipulation of the hopes of the poor into making them stake their meager savings.
They end up most of the time disappointed leading many to commit suicide. My question still remains, is gambling the “prosperity for all Deltans” Gov. Okowa promised his people?
It is therefore condemnable, and unfortunate that the Delta state government could lend itself to the promotion of a scheme meant to rip Deltans of hard earned money. Deltans say NO to S.M.A.R.T lotto because Gov. Okowa was voted into better the lives of Deltans and not to impoverish them with this S.M.A.R.T game in the name of Delta State Lottery as Deltans are no longer foolish and greedy as they have learned from the past (the popular MMM Ponzi scheme).

Publisher, Airview News.