Obafemi Awolowo outstanding merit still exists in Prof. Christopher Imumolen, Says Student

The students of Christopher Imumolen has attest of the outstanding merit led by Late. Cheif Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo GCFR, was a Nigerian Nationalist and Statesman who played a key role in Nigerians independence movement, the students of JPTS Institute of Management, Science and Technology are commending his attributes in Nigerian education and legacy that is still runs among the students.

These disclosure was made by one of student Chukwudi Timothy Samuel, a Publisher and Chief Editor of ApexReporters Magazine, during the matriculation into the JPTS Institute of Management, Science and Technology,  he referred to Professor Christopher Imumolen as the Awolowo of our time, because of his education patriotism.


Mr. Chukwudi further applauds Prof. Christopher Imumolen , President of JPTS Institute of Management, Science and Technology, as a great tertiary citadel, who shares the educational ideologies of late Obafemi Awolowo, whose objectives are to ensure that average children in Nigerian acquire a considerable experience in education.

Samuel emphasised that the mission of Professor Imumolen on earth is a humanitarian one that pursues general good, and he sincerely express his gratitude for
the scholarship awarded to him by Prof. Christopher Imumolen to further his  Mass Media and Communications in JPTS Institute of Management, Science and Technology.

Chukwudi commending Prof. Christopher for his charitable works for several years to student’s and less privileges, because of his excellent performance in given help to the masses, these gesture resulted the stakeholders in his communities to pray that almighty God will emerge Accord party the winner of 2023 3 Presidential seat, because of his attributes to humanity.

In the recent time, the community and the members of public has attested at his excellent supports to the destutes once, impacting knowledge to iletracy, which is a fundamental vision that will abate crime to the barest minimal, and also bring peace and orderliness in societies at large, education has been described as a light and power that will liberate nation with a better goal.

Incase you don’t know JPTS Institute of Management science and technology is University proud Alumnus of Global Wealth University In partnership with South Amazon University Coastal Rica &Pan American College California where you can acquire a standard academic degree in various courses.

Chukwudi Samuel

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