Social protection is a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach that contributes to poverty reduction and articulating policy priorities of government towards sustainable development. This is one of the core priorities of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. The ministry seeks to intervene in the lives of poor and vulnerable Nigerians through implementing sustainable programmes that will help curtail poverty and address the challenge of unemployment in Nigeria while Providing social and financial risk protection for poor and vulnerable populations.
TraderMoni is one of the Ministry’s Empowerment Programmes under the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programmme (GEEP), an Initiative created to boost the Nigerian economy by providing finance to those at the base of the economic pyramid in Nigeria.
TraderMoni is designed to help petty traders expand their trade through the provision of interest and collateral free loans of N50,000.
 Trader Moni is one of the three flagship programmmes under under the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programmme (GEEP) since inception GEEP has empowered over 2.3 million petty traders with interest-free loans to grow their businesses, making it one of the largest public microcredit programs globally, as well as the Most Impactful Micro-Credit Program in Africa as recognized by the African Bankers’ Awards in 2019 held in Equatorial Guinea.
Abdullahi Muhammad in Unguwa Uku, Tarauni local government area of Kano State is one of the beneficiaries of trader moni. Abdullahi is into the business of Provision store in Tarauni Market, a popular market in Kano State. He noted that his business was almost running out of time because he didn’t have much capital to expand it and buy products from wholesale merchants, instead he uses his small capital to buy from retailers and add his profit which makes it outrageously expensive for people to patronize him. He maintained that when he heard about the programme, he rushed to apply for the interest free loan, “it was easy and fast” he said. Abdullahi was able to access the trader moni loan and used it to expand his business which is today aiding him to buy products from wholesalers. “This initiative of President Muhammadu Buhari has not only saved my business but my family as well.

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