50 Hearty Cheers to A Cop Loved By All.

Have you seen a police officer that is loved by all and sundries?

DSP Kabir Iwalaka is a police officer who has defied all odds to maintain a high level of professionalism in his chosen career as a police officer. A man who chooses to listen to his people not minding any form of affiliation or indictment.


He is the current Divisional Police Officer in Charge of Ipaja Division, within his time at the helms of affairs in Ipaja environs, the entire area has witnessed relative peace which have been attested and confirmed by the residents of Ipaja as against the old time where people are not safe to walk when its dark for fear of being robbed and dispossessed of their personal belongings.

His professionalism and unbiased expertise towards conflict resolutions and peaceful coexistence among different tribes coexisting under his area of jurisdiction and many individuals that have cross his path as Divisional Police Officer in Ipaja, Itire, Akobo, and many other area has earned him several accolades and awards across Lagos command.

He rose from the cradle of professionalism to the top echelon where he currently occupies the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), and its certain that he will attain the highest rank as he press forward in securing the lives and properties of the citizens in his domain without fear or favor.

we join the Nigeria Police force ,his family and other well wishers to celebrate this fine gentleman, an incorruptible and professional police officer as he celebrate 50 fruitful years.

50 Hearty Cheers to DSP Kabir Iwalaka.

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