Stray Bullet Hit Victim’s Jeep as NDLEA Raid Hoodlums Hideout in Gowon Estate.

There was pandemonium and fracas at Gowon estate as gun wielding NDLEA operatives raid the hideouts of hoodlum around the estate yesterday.

During the raid, the NDLEA operatives shot sporadically to disperse people, in the process, innocent victims were injured and a black Lexus Jeep with an occupant was hit by one of the stray bullets piercing through the back of the vehicle straight into the driver’s seat at the front.


The lucky victim who choose to be anonymous confirmed to our correspondent that he was lucky to be alive cos he was just driving by when he saw the NDLEA operatives chasing hoodlums around the estate but what baffles him most was the rate at which the operatives shot sporadically without caution which made everyone run helter skelter for safety till his vehicle was hit by a stray bullet which would have killed him if not for the love of God.

Recently NDLEA increased its surveillance and engage its operatives in raiding several hideout of hoodlums involved in the sales and use of illicit drugs across Lagos, the decision has recorded tremendous success which has led to seizure of narcotics and various illicit drugs across the state that has been applauded, many innocent victims has been injured and falsely arrested at various locations which has also portray the agency in bad light.

When the spokesman of the agency was contacted to verify the raid in Gowon estate, the official contact line was unavailable but a text message was sent hoping to get a response from the agency.

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