Phone Users, 6 ilegal App to Uninstall before your bank account go empty

According Mirror, a UK-based online newspaper, a group of researchers from Pradeoa mobile device security, data and application company based in the US, just discovered about six apps are on Google Play Store which are extremely capable of putting your bank accounts at the mercy of hackers and cyber theives.

These apps are laced with fleecewares that can easily stimulate clicks, intercept SMS and subscribe to unwanted services totally unknown to users.. “By using as little code as possible,” the report said“and thoroughly hiding it, Joker (the malware) generates a very discreet footprint that can be tricky to detect.”


Unfortunately, according to the researchers, these six apps have already been downloaded 200,000 times on Google Play Store, and the figure is rising everyday. Google has already been notified, and two of the six apps have been taken down, but four are still hanging there waiting for potential victims.

Android smartphone users are therefore advised to delete the following apps immediately from their devices to avoid being defrauded by these coldhearted hackers. And those who are yet to download them should be properly guided by this piece.

1. Safety AppLock

2. Convenient Scanner 2

3. Push Message-Texting&SMS

4. Emoji Wallpaper

5. Separate Doc Scanner

6. Fingertip GameBox

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