In view of the concerns that have been generated by the misrepresentation by a section of the media, of some of the contents of the Press Conference that was done by me yesterday with regard to the preparedness of our party,

The Social Democratic Party ( SDP) for the September 19,2020 Edo governorship election, it has become necessary for me to correct the wrong impression that was created, and which has been published in the mass media to the effect that the ”SDP Calls on the Federal Government to Re-open Schools”.


This statement is untrue and it is hereby refuted. Contrary to that wrong report, the SDP recognises the concerted efforts that have been made thus far by the federal and some state governments in containing the spread of the Covid -19 pandemic.

The party is in support of the plans being put in place to ensure that all our schools – both public and private, are safe enough for everyone before they are re-opened. The Executive Summary of the ”Safe School Re-opening Guidelines” that has been issued by the Federal Ministry of Education provides the right framework to address safe school re-opening across the country.

The guidelines would certainly help in ensuring high level of compliance when schools are eventually re-opened.

As a party, the SDP commends government for the early school closure which was one strategic decision that significantly helped the country to safeguard the lives of our school children, their teachers, the education personnel and the larger society.

Our party will continue to support any further guidelines and protocols that would help us to sustain the earlier gains, while we hope for more proactive and effective measures for better days ahead in the on-going war against the invisible Covid -19 enemy.

Ambassador Oke Idawene JP,
Delta State SDP Chairman & Chairman of SDP Forum of State Chairmen.

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