The commissioner for water resources in Kogi state, Abdulmumin Danga, has been alleged of beating a woman mercilessly in the presence of her son.

While speaking, the victim, Oyeniyi Elizabeth, narrated how she was forcefully taken away by thugs sent by the commissioner and beaten mercilessly in the commissioner’s house where she was taken to.


According to her, she was beaten over a Facebook post where she criticised the commissioner for not helping his (the commissioner) sister.

“I am Oyeniyi Elizabeth, known as Queen Neena on Facebook. 4 days ago, I posted something about the commissioner who isn’t helping his kid sister who happens to be my friend and someone took it up, sent the screenshot to him and sent some group of guys to my house to get me to his place in Lokoja from Okene.

“On getting there, he beat me up, stripped me naked, took a video of me being naked, dealt with me, destroyed my phone and after then, he did not let me go that same day till the next morning which he was going to deliver some message to his people in the village,” she narrated.

DPH NEWS reports that Elizabeth who was based in Abuja but returned to her home town in Okene, Kogi state due to the pandemic COVID-19 further explained how she had to return to Abuja due to further threats by the commissioner.

“From there, due to fear, I had to leave with my son because they came to pick me and my 3-year-old son. Due to fear, I had to rush back to Abuja because I was based in Abuja but because of this COVID, I had to go to my state to be safer. I have to now rush back to Abuja again to hide myself because I know what they’re capable of doing.”

In a tweet made by Sani Muhammed, a Women’s Rights Defender and the founder of Bridge Connect, he explained that Elizabeth’s life and that of her son are under threat as the commissioner is still after her.

“Currently, Elizabeth’s life, that of her son and parents are under threat. The commissioner has sent thugs who know her whereabouts to forcefully kidnap her again back to his house in Lokoja. His thugs have called my friend severally to threaten us.”

Sani calls on the Nigeria Police and human rights activists to ensure the safety of Elizabeth, her son and other persons who are striving to fight for her.

“We call on @PoliceNG and all human rights individuals and organizations to help protect Elizabeth and those threatened by the Commissioner’s thugs if they report or expose this case. We must stand to defend each and everyone us against people like Danga,” he concluded.

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