The place of Audit in Ensuring Effective and Efficient Management, 2017 Annual Audit Report of MDAS in Nigeria.

Jaye Gaskia, Co-convener of say No Campaign Nigeria has said, In a press statement issue in Abuja, The place of Audit in ensuring effective and efficient management and utilisation of resources in the public finance system cannot be over emphasised.

This is why we are worries about the apparent systemic neglect of audit and audit process in our public finance processes.


Jaye said, the audit role though one expected to be performed by autonomous professional, is as it is currently practiced in our public and civil services, on that is put in a handicapped position. 

All MDAs are expected to, and do have Audit units. He said.

Also Speaking, Chido Onumah the convener of Say No Campaign and related anti corruption group, are appalled by the details of the 2017 annual audit report of MDAs in Nigeria Published by the Office of the Auditor General of the federation.

He Said over 160 parastatals in Nigeria failed to submit their financial statement or management reports to the office of Auditor General, in flagrant disregard to constitutional provision, section 85 of the 1999 constitution and financial regulation 321.

He added that, 11 more parastatals were reported to have never submitted their financial statements or aduited financial reports, to the office of the AGF since their inception.

We find this highly irresponsible and unacceptable! It directly indicts not just the defaulting parastatals, but also the National Assembly and the office of Budget and National Planning as complicit in this ongoing fraud.

He said, the report also revealed acts financial mismanagement by MDAs and their failure to remit surplus funds, in billions, back to the country’s Treasury.

As a group we therefore demand that, the name of defaulting agencies and their chief executive officers be published and full investigation to commence by the antigraft agencies.

We call on the anticorruotion agencies to be proactive in responding adequately to these damning allegations and take the necessary actions to hold these official and their agencies responsible.

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