When an expert said,”it is good to provoke your environment to bless you”, little did anyone know that he was referring to the latest ‘Federal Chief’, Chief Superintendent of Police,CSP Ayodele Arogbo who recently got elevated to this enviable position.

No doubt,divine endowment is behind the diligence which has propelled this man to record distinguishing and outstanding achievements. There is no gainsaying the fact that CSP Arogbo has risen through the rungs to what can now be called the sunny side of his life due to his peculiar devotion,discipline and devout service-orientedness anchored on objectivity and tailored along the whims and caprices of his employer- the Nigeria Police Force.


CSP Ayodele Arogbo’s police service antecedent dates back to the year of his enlistment,a period from which he began to show class,excelling from one beat to the other. And like a collossus,he touched his duties like midas,setting trends and challenging subordinates for greatness.

Little wonder he performed meritoriously at the force headquarters,and other platforms until his dexterity was tested at the State Traffic Department of the Lagos State Police Command as Motopol;the beat he handled before coming to Area’D’ Command,from where he was made the man at the helms of affairs at the Olosan Division,mushin,Lagos State.

On this beat as the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), he has subdued sundry criminals and prosecuted them for the peace of the people of his jurisdiction.

This is because the “University or School of Olosan” as Arogbo’s division is known by crime-prone individuals is a big dread that has chased criminals far from mushin.

The expectation as CSP Ayo Arogbo rises and rises is that he will win greater laurels to the glory of God almighty and to the delight of his superiors who have continued to reward him for his quintesssentialness and unique gallantry.

By Emeka Williams

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