Maiden Edition of the People Redemption Party. (PRP) Media Dialogue, on the 3rd December 2019.

Mallam Falalu Bello, National Chairman, PRP. Said the PRP party Media Dialogue is designed to be an informal, free flowing and unfettered platform for the exchange of information, ideas and views between the leadership of the PRP and representative of the media.

Falalu noted that, PRP will not only critique government and their policies but equally as important show alternative policy options to the government.


We shall also serve as the voice of the voiceless, the Talaka, in all the six (6) geopolitical zones irrespective of where he comes.

He noted that, the average citizen of Nigeria today is suffering from wrong polices, from poor implantation of the few existing good policies, suffering from margination and deprivation and also suffering from the impunity in governce at all levels.

Mallam, said PRP believed in the human being as the most precious thing in the world, above all wealth and material objects; in the sacrosanct nature of human life; in the collective nature of human existence, in which every human being is unique and has equal right and duties.

He add that, we believed in the inalienable Democratic rights and duties of the people to fully, and purposeful, participate in exercising their sovereign right to decide how they are governed and elect, hold to public account and remove those who govern them.

As a Party we believed that building of a prosperous and self reliant national economy has to be on the basis of just social relations of production and exchange, with the Democratic productive capacity, and the national currency, are developed, modernized and strengthened, and all human and natural resources of the nation are identified.

We also believed in the forging of Nigeria national unity on the basis of justice and equitable political, social and economic opportunities for all citizens, within a genuinely federal system of government in our diversity is recognized and cherished and which promotes a national sense of belonging and a common destiny.

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