Group Demand Immediate Withdrawal of Internet Falsehood, Manipulation Bill 2019 and Hate Speech Bill

Comrade Adeyanju Deji, address the press men in a protest, with the inscription, #SaynotoSocialMediaBill #SaynotoHateSpeechBill. 

We write to inform you of our utmost displeasure and outright rejection of the proposed protection from Internet Falsehood and manipulation Bill 2019, also know among Nigeria as the social media bill, and the independent national Commission for the prohibition of Hate Speeches ACT. Deji noted that, there are existing laws in Nigeria which are appropriate for dealing with the issues alluded to in these satanic Bill.


“We wish to draw your attention to the provision of section 24 of the Cybercrime Act 2015 which already captures in its entirety the aims and objective of the two obnoxious Bill” We insist that the monstrous Social Media Bill and its Evil Hate Speech Counterpart have no place in any Democratic society.

The group said the Bill are satanic and must be totally withdrawn by the ninth Senate with immediate effect.

He also added, the proposed Bills suggest that you lawmakers are anti-people and unwilling to either understand the suffering of Nigerias, or take any meaningful step to mitigate them.

We hope that you will listen to the unanimous voice of Nigerian’s that these Bill have no place in our democracy and must be forever banished to the trash.

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