The Welfare of Retired and Pension of Police Officers Should not be Neglected.

Group of Retired Police officers in the country have urged the Federal Government to look into the affairs of the pension, and eliminate any form of Injustice and discrimination on pension for Retired Police officers by contributory pension law enacted by Presdent Obasanjo regime.

Retirees under the Nigeria Police Force Pensions Limited are groaning over the hardships they have been subjected to as a result of alleged failed promises under the Contributory Pension Scheme.


If AIG and CP after 35yrs service are receiving below 100t Naira a month,then what will be the amount for Inspector to DCP. The most annoying section of the pension act is that payment of your contributory pension seizes after 15yrs of your retirement, Pension should be for life . We know what federal and State civil servants, Military,DSS, Judiciary,NNPC, University lecturers,CBN etc receive as pension to cater for their welfare.

They further complaints, We know what Politicians ie Members of National Assembly, State House Assembly after 4yrs receive as severance allowance. Contributory pension law is discriminatory and as such against the principles of Nigeria Constitution which guarantees equal rights to all citizens. I suggest those of us retired should be the agent of review of pension benefit for all ranks of Police officers in line with their equivalent in Sister agencies, Central Bank,NNPC, Judiciary, University lecturers etc. It is not an agitation the Police Management or PSC can actually engage federal Govt due to circumstances you all know.

The retirees made the to call to Airview News Crime Editor, and interviews with the Rtd Commissioner of Police Aghanya Ibezimako.

Therefore, we retirees suggest we call a world media and print Press conference. Send a memo to the President, National Assembly,Minister for labour,Police affairs, Secretary to Govt head of Service of the federation,Chief of staff to the President, Chairman PSC and IGP and request the National Secretariat of retired Police officers association to press for review. Our retired officers that have no other source of income are dying in silence.

It is disheartening after we have served our country with love, strength and faith and defended her unity to be in penury after retirement and finally ends as paupers, is a slap in the face to the Nigeria Police Force and Federal Government of Nigeria, seeing a retired Police officers being destitute, this matter must be address with immediate effect.

By Chuks Samuel.

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