Danazumi M. Ibrahim, Director General, NATIONAL OFFICE FOR TECHNOLOGY ACQUISITION AND PROMOTION. on 14 Nov.2019 brief the press men on his achievement as a DG. (NOTAP) in Abuja.

Danazumi, noted that Revenue generation has increase by over 50% from #322,138,500.00 in 2015 to 489,212,010.00 in 2018. As participant in the ease of doing business in Nigeria.


However, in order to improve on our efficient service delivery in line with improving ease of doing business in Nigeria, NOTAP embarked on the automation of technology transfer registration process in 2017.

He said, client have the opportunity to track their applications and quickly respond to any query that might be raised by NOTAP after evaluating the agreement.

However said, in order to bring about the needed Academia-industry linkage to facilitate mutual relationship for overall social economic development of our nation.

He, said we established and commission of intellectual property and technology transfer offices in university, polytechnic and research establishment across the country.

” to assist in improving the weak culture of intellectual property right IPR in the institutions”he said.

While commending his staff, he said all this achievement would not have been possible without the help of his staff. He also promised that the warfare of his staff we remains utmost important.

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