The Commissioning and Handing Over of the Community Based Waste Management Project to Karu, Nasarawa State.

Dr, Muhammed Mohmood Abubakar, Hon. Minister of Environment, on this day 4, November, 2019, officially commission and handing over the Community Based Waste Management Project to Nasarawa state Government.

The minister said, the community Based waste management project is an intervention scheme of the federal government in municipal solid waste management, designed to assist states manage their municipal solid waste in environmentally sound manner.


He noted that, the menace posed by municipal solid waste in Nigeria, particularly in our Urban areas is one of the gravest environmental challenges facing the country.

However, the problem is exacerbated by urban migration, over population, emergence of urban slums, industrialization, changed in consumption pattern, inadequate planting, inadequate resources and facilities to sustainably manage waste that are been generated.

In a resent year, state and Local government throughout the federation has intensified to ensure that municipal solid waste generated with their domain is properly managed.

Muhammad said, this project is expected to among others train and generate employment particularly for youth and women, attract private sector participation and investment including foreign direct investment.

The minister however commission and handover the community Based Waste Management Project for Karu, LGA to the Nazarawa State Government with the following components.

Awareness/sensitization/training on waste segregation at household leave, backlog evacuation of waste, continues collection of waste, construction of plastic recycling plant. Construction of public toilet. Among others.

The minister said, it’s our expectation that competent private sector practitioners would be engage the public toilet and the plastic recycling plant in the spirit of public private partnership (PPP) for viability and sustainability.

At the Ceremony, His Excellency, Engr Abdullah Sule. Executive Governor of Nasarawa state, appreciate FG and minister, he said their is no better time than now, that this project is been commission.

He, also said Nasarawa state has take the issue of environment very serious.

“Because we know how devastated environment issues can course” so on my assumption in office
We reintroduced monthly environment day, which take place at the least Saturday of every month he said.

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