We Support The Development Of Nigeria, But not With Stolen Resources.

By Maliki Duro Abuja.

Oladipo Fashino, National Coordinator, Nigeria Movement For the Liberation Of Western Sahara (NMLWS) noted that ” we will stop Nigeria companies buying stolen phosphate, fertilizer and fishes from Morocco”


This is part of our determination and plans to bring to book all companies in Nigeria which are currently receiving phosphate stolen by the kingdom of Morocco.

He noted that, this is one of the step to ensure that our proud country Nigerian dose not continued to be receiver of stolen goods and from such unholy theft.

This movement support the development of Nigeria but not with stolen resources. We know that Our country need fertilizer, but not that produced with the blood of our brothers and sisters in Western Saharan.

The movement noted that, Nigeria are freedom loving peoples, not accomplices of leaders of a country like Morocco who against all known tenets of African Brotherhood, religious obligation and social justice.

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