By Maliki Duro, Abuja.

Dr. Audu Bala Mohammed, National Coordinator, National Malaria Elimination
Programme (NMEP), Federal Ministry Of Health, Delivered His Remarks At the
1st 2019 Bi-Annual Media Chart, in Abuja, 24/06/2019.


As you all aware, Malaria is a life threatening parasitic disease
transmitted through the bite of an infected female anopheles mosquito.
Though a preventable and treatable disease.

It is one of the biggest public health and developmental challenges in
Nigeria and responsible for significant losses of lives, especially
pregnant woman and children under five.

Dr. Audu said Nigeria has made significant gains in the control of malaria
among which,
The utilization of mosquito nets in children under five years of age
increase from 6% in 2008 to 49% in 2015. Insecticide Treated net (ITN)
ownership ( households with 1 ITN) was up from 8% in 2008 to 69% in 2015.

However, one of the critical means of addressing the increasing malaria
burden in a way that is effective, sustainable and bridging existing
resource requirement gaps is by ensuring adequate international and
domestic funding stream.

It is important to engage all key stakeholders and the private sector to
complement what the government of Nigeria (both federal and state) is
providing as well as expand partnership by calling on stakeholders in all
areas to invest and intensify their engagement in the fight against Malaria.

This is a clarion call for individuals, family and businesses to take
leadership roles in controlling Malaria, protecting their workers and their
families, strengthening their businesses extending programmes into

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