Sickle Cell Community organizes kiddies treat & sensitization on management of sickle cell disorder

The sickle cell community has organized a kiddies treat and a sensitization
lecture on management of the disorder for the children to Mark the world
sickle cell day on the 19th of June 2019.

Asmau Ahmad the president to the community said the event was aimed for
the children to be familiar with what triggers their crisis, measures to
avoid the crisis and also educate their parents on the disorder itself
and how to manage the crisis. The event also gives an opportunity for the kids
to socialize with other children with sickle cell and also have fun. Also
most parents who we a
address as care givers have little knowledge on how to manage children
living with sickle cell disease, the event spurs doctors that gave tips for
the parents and also for the kids in order to manage their lives.


Saleh Faruq Gqgarawa the spokesperson to the sickle cell community added that Most children living with sickle cell feel isolated and do not socialize with other children on circumstances like stigmatization and others. The event provided the opportunity for the kids to look up to adults living with sickle cell and how they have achieved in life making them understand that sickle cell does not hinder their success.

“We are also calling on the attention of the government especially the
federal government to give more emphasis in addressing sickle cell
disease, we want the government of the day to take a look at the issues
related to sickle cell disorder or how it can be managed by not just
creating awareness on genotype testing before marriage but also on measures
to address persons living with the disorder across the nation”.

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