We Call On Nigerian People to Claim, Protect And Defend Their Democracy

By Maliki Duro, Abuja.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (IDI) has call on Nigerian people to claim, protect and defend their Democracy and respect the right of follow citizens to participate peacefully in the political process.


Christopher Famunyoh make this know to the press in Abuja march 11/ 2019 that ” Meaningful Democratic process can only be achieved if Nigerians continue to champion their civic duties and responsibilities.

John Tomaszewski said the the percentage of women candidates running for Governor and deputy governor increase slightly this year from 6 and 17 percent respectively in 2015 to 8 and 26 percent. He said the two major parties did not field any women candidates for governor.  He said only Five were candidates from APC or PDP And 276  women running for deputy governor.

Thus far, the Nigerian government has not applied the 35 percent affirmative action principle including in the 2006 National Gender Policy, and the National Assembly has repeatedly missed opportunities to adopt legislation that would support greater participation of women in politics.

In the spirit of international cooperation, the IRI/IDI mission offered Recommendations to further strengthen the credibility of electoral processes and safeguard Nigerian’s Democratic gains over the past two decades. 

The IRI/IDI stresses that this statement is preliminary in nature, that the people of Nigeria who will determine the credibility of these election. And they we continued to watch the remaining phase of the electoral process, including the announcement of officials result and swearing in of the newly elected officials.

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