The Omnipotence mission of God, Invite you to witness Power of Holy Spirit in BOSORO, 2019 BETHEL

The Founder of omnipotence mission of God – bosoro IJOKO Parish, (Dr) Oloruntimileyin Joshua Daramola. JP, has announced the upcoming programmed, BOSORO 2019 BETHEL,”the theme of the sermon, Address: Bosoro Beach, after Suntan Beach , Akoro B/Stop, Badagry – Same Express Way, Badagry, Lagos, Date: 9TH – 14TH JANUARY 2019, come let’s Praise the Lords that will vindicate you from all kind of family cures, breaking away every hidden yokes and bondage, annihilating all manners of Hexes and stubborn Curses to the barest minimum.

Recently, observers has commented about this great prophetic man of God, (Dr) Oloruntimileyin Joshua Daramola. JP, who many say is performing excellently well in his Church and has impacted into the lives of churches, especially those whose lives are affected in a daily basis in Nigeria and other parts of the world.


(Dr) Oloruntimileyin Joshua Daramola. JP, has been a thorn in the flesh of satanic kingdom, a member of the church who disclosed to the Journalists about his tremendous act by helping the needy, and his spirited kindness and generosity, he said that when rating who is who in Nigeria Christendom, he rated (Dr) Oloruntimileyin Joshua Daramola. JP, as a Demon Buster of this generation, considering his past and recent breakthrough he has achieved by settling the captives free from all kind of adversities.

(Dr) Oloruntimileyin Joshua Daramola. JP, has become a terror to the kingdom of darkness, he has liberated  several families from a stubborn spiritual problem that seems adamant, and has demonstrated a strength of good leadership in Nigeria Christendom.

He further disclosed in one of his sermon, about being a true genuine born again christian, the fruit of holy spirit, he stated that all that glitters are not gold, given so many reasons, and identifying good leadership in Christendom, and true believer of Christ Jesus.

He said, most people are propagating a false teaching, that once you profess to be  Born Again by mouth, that you are free, he condemn those teaching as being false teachings and unbiblical, looking at this scripture, 2 Corinthians 5:17, So that if any one is in Christ, he is a new creature: the old state of things has passed away; a new, he says, sincerely that once you claimed to be born again, you will start doing so many good deeds that will outweigh your previous sins, he further explains, for example, someone that murdered person, you now claimed to be born again, have you forgotten that the soul you murdered could be the breadwinner of the family, and you have put so many people in a jeopardy, also by so doing, you have permanently placed them under everlasting sorrow, so how then did you believe that you are born again, he further advises such perpetrators to hear the good news, he gave criteria to overcome such sin, here are criteria: start caring for the widows, the sorrowful, the old people, the sick and orphans etc. Continuously, by so doing, if your good deeds outweighs your bad act, your sin could be forgiven.

(Dr) Oloruntimileyin Joshua Daramola. JP, he preaches the word thoroughly, also hinting a true salvation, Dr Joshua is a proven clergyman with immense repute, and with a great integrity, and his leaving no stone unturned when it comes to prophetic word of God.

The highlight of the Bethel 2019, come and be a Born Again as a Christian/Believer/True Worshiper, JESUS/Holy Spirit will come and abide in your SPIRIT. Demons CANNOT get INTO your Spirit he said, come and  witness true power of the Holy Spirit in BOSORO 2019 BETHEL.

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