Hon. Abiodun Francis Wilkey finally bows to pressure from his Constituency as he inaugurates his campaign team

Hon. Abiodun Francis Wilkey has finally succumbed to pressure from the people of Kosofe Constituency 1 to contest for the 2019 Lagos State House of Assembly. In fact, it was not just a political gathering but a carnival so to say. What a Youth Leader and mobilizer! Hon. Abiodun Francis Wilkey has gotten the blessings of all the party stalwarts, the incumbent political office holders and the leaders of other political parties in Kosofe Local Government Area to represent the constituency at the State Assembly come 2019.

Hon. Abiodun Francis Wilkey simply has no rival within and outside as his humanitarian lifestyle spells doom for all his rivals’ desperation. Perhaps, a man’s hunger and thirst for making a difference or adding value to the lives of people is not largely measured on the basis of his privileges and access to power, control, possession or linkage to governmental finance base, but his actions with the little he has.


Besides the pressure from his people to join the 2019 Kosofe Constituency 1 House of Assembly contest and to rescue the good people of Kosofe Constituency 1 from bad representation, the name Hon. Abiodun Francis Wilkey rings a bell in the light of well-doing, hence, to very many, “Hon. Wilkey” is synonymous with kindness, humility and good doing. To others, he is a symbol of love, affection, and kindness. From the growing mass support, besides, he enjoys from the day of his call by his people, his acceptance and up till now, is a conviction that, no man forces himself to be loved or wins his way into the hearts of men.

The stage is now set as Hon. Wilkey today before the Kosofe Constituency 1 Political leaders officially inaugurate his campaign team at Ogudu. He has been described as a man of service and generosity, whose motivating interest is to improve the lives and welfare of his people always. His party stalwarts and friends gave the description in their message, congratulating Hon.Wilkey for succumbing to the peoples’ pressure to rescue Kosofe Constituency 1 from bad representation.

According to one of the party leader in Kosofe Constituency 1, who was present at the campaign inauguration today, he said that Hon. Wilkey has used the major part of his life to impact positively on the lives of the people,adding that as a blessed man, the people have continued to feel his generosity and influence.He congratulated him and prayed that God will take him to a greater height where he will continue to make a positive effect on the society.

Grassroots Publishers further reiterated their resolve in joining well-meaning people of Kosofe Constituency 1 to support the clarion call for Hon Wilkey to intensify his moves towards representing them in 2019, as this would ensure the restoration of the voice of the people, which according to the group, has diminished and become muffled in the green chambers.“It is our belief that he will give the people of Kosofe Constituency 1 a resounding voice again in the Lagos State House of Assembly, where for now their voice has been lost due to ineffective representation.

Meanwhile, congratulatory messages have been pouring in from far and wide for Hon. Wilkey on the auspicious occasion of his campaign inauguration to give Kosofe Constituency 1 voice as a true son of the soil.

Speaking with reporters, Hon. Wilkey said that he will continue to be grateful to God for the grace and mercy that he has continued to shower on him, even as he attributed the achievements and successes garnered over the years to the love and goodness of the Lord in his life. He said that he has since dedicated his life to the service of God and humanity and that he has been enjoying the benefits of the service to God and man, even as he stated that his steps are being ordered by God and he also use the opportunity to thank his wife, friends, and brothers who have continued to stand by him on this journey and promised that he will not fail them.

Hon. Wilkey also expressed his appreciation to the people of Kosofe Constituency 1 for felicitating with him on his campaign inauguration and vowed that he will always strive to be with them and bring Joy, comfort, and service to his people.

By Grassroots Publishers

One thought on “Hon. Abiodun Francis Wilkey finally bows to pressure from his Constituency as he inaugurates his campaign team”

  1. Fantasyic . I have absolute confidence in this man. He has clean inyergrity and has been a very accountable and responsible leader at various capacities of his past endeavours.

    I saw this young champion at his prime age when he was growing up at Ogudu and Ojota environ.

    You people can count on my support. It is people like this that we need in Government.

    I wish him and his campaign Team great success.

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